The Paddy Ashdown Forum

The Paddy Ashdown Forum (PAF) is a Think Tank that brings together senior academics, other think tanks and policy makers to produce new thinking on domestic, European, and international issues and to promote education regarding national and international governance from advancing research that recognises the importance of critical systems thinking in decision making as well as its practical implementation into real-world situations. Thus, the work of PAF enables consideration of alternative ways to govern the provisioning of resources interdependent with issues of equity and justice. Such an approach realises the importance of feedback loops within decision making to understand the effects of multiple interacting investment, organisational, environmental, governance and social ecosystems of the sphere economy. How actions of each affects the many. How work on one SDG can impact on another – positively or negatively.

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Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

The European Dialogue Programme of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), based in Brussels, seeks to actively encourage the politicl debate and develop innovative liberal policies in Europe. A lively dialogue is based on tolerance and mutual understanding. Our activities aim at promoting these basic values through intercultural exchange. We also serve as a liberal platform for the Foundation’s worldwide partners to debate issues of the European agenda, in the present and the future. For media representatives and conference organisers, our team and its network serve as a reservoir for opinion editorials, commentaries and competent speakers. The vision of a Europe of freedom, diversity and opportunities inspires our work at the European Dialogue Programme. More than ever, we face multiple global challenges that require European answers. These range from the economic and financial crisis over rising euroscepticism and migration flows to climate change. We therefore monitor political and policy developments both in our project countries and at the European level. Through the connection of EU experts, civil society, and decision-makers we seek to foster open dialogue and discuss liberal policy solutions to European challenges. Together with our partners, we develop formats and campaigns to promote rule of law, free markets and human rights. Moreover, we coordinate EU co-funded projects in the field of democracy support, development cooperation and human rights protection.

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